Sister Act 3 Is Coming to Disney+!

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Written By Liz R.

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1990s kids, rejoice! We’re getting a new Sister Act movie!

Sister Act 3: Kicking the Habit has a scheduled release in 2024. So far, the confirmed cast includes:

  • Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris
  • Kathy Najimy as Sister Mary Patrick
  • Keke Palmer
  • Wendy Makenna
  • Jennifer Lewis

The movie is currently in pre-production, with Tim Federle directing. (Federle previously directed Better Late Than Never (2022) and High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special (2020). 

Remembering the First Two Movies

A choir of nuns singing.
The choir in Sister Act. Image from YouTube

Sister Act was released in 1992 and currently has a 75% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It told the story of a lounge singer named Deloris Van Cartier (Whoopi Goldberg) who unintentionally witnesses her mob-boss boyfriend Vince LaRocca (Harvey Keitel) commit a murder. She goes into witness protection–in a way she never imagined. 

She ends up getting disguised (almost against her will) as a nun in a small California convent. And although she gets into trouble and doesn’t fit into the convent at all at first, she ends up finding a home there–all while reinventing the convent’s choir into a superstar group of performers. 

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) only has an 18% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes–but look at that audience score of 61%. This is definitely one of those situations where the movie was enjoyed much more by viewers than by critics. 

In the sequel, Deloris’s friends from the convent come to visit her and beg her to revisit her nun disguise and go teach music to some teens at a troubled, underfunded school that administrators are trying to shut down. 

Once again, “Sister Mary Clarence” brings out the star power in a bunch of talented young kids–all through music. 

What Do We Know About the Third Movie?

We really don’t know much about the third movie, as the plot’s details have not yet been released. We can see that Whoopi Goldberg is returning as Deloris, as is Kathy Najimy, who was a total scene-stealer in the first movie. 

We do know that Sister Act 3 will premiere on Disney+. Presumably, it will include fun gospel choir music and more. 

It’s been 30 years since Sister Act 2 was in theaters, which feels a little bit difficult to believe!

Here’s my question: will we get to see Dame Maggie Smith return as Mother Superior? That’s the one thing I’m hoping for!

If it’s been a while since you last saw Sister Mary Clarence and her friends and students perform, here are a few fun videos to revisit and remind yourself of what you may have forgotten! 

Here’s the first time Deloris’s choir of nuns surprised everyone by actually sounding good–and then surprised them even more by taking things in a direction no one expected!

Here’s the finale of Sister Act 2, with the incomparable Lauryn Hill.