Enter the Dragon Turns 50 With New Bruce Lee Anime

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Written By Archie Fenn

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Even today, Bruce Lee is considered THE legend of Martial Arts movies and one of the most influential film stars ever. As well as influencing Western action films like John Wick, The Matrix, and many, many more, Lee has also had a huge influence on Japanese anime. To celebrate his influence, alongside the 50th anniversary of Enter the Dragon, a new anime is being released that highlights the martial arts prowess of the iconic star.

House of Lee is the first-ever anime project focusing on Bruce Lee. Produced by Bruce’s daughter Shannon Lee, House of Lee sees Bruce fight to assemble a team of mighty Dragon Warriors to prevent the world from being plunged into darkness and shadow.

You can watch the first teaser below:


In an interview with Deadline, Shannon Lee said:

Anime is an amazing medium for telling a truly creative story where Bruce Lee can be Bruce Lee. I’m so excited for the possibilities for action, fantasy, history, culture, and creativity within this medium.

The first full trailer is set to debut alongside new 4k screenings of Enter the Dragon celebrating its 50th Anniversary. House of Lee is also expected to be the first of many Bruce Lee focused anime projects from Bruce Lee Entertainment as Shannon Lee has previously stated that the studio has had anime projects in the works for several years.

House of Lee is scheduled to release in 2024.