Elizabeth Banks Would Love to Make Cocaine Bear 2

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Written By Archie Fenn

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Based on the title alone, it would be easy to write Cocaine Bear off as a terrible B-movie student horror film, similar to Llamageddon. However, Cocaine Bear shocked audiences earlier this year with its surprisingly well-written story, Elizabeth Banks in the director’s chair, and its incredible cast, including Keri Russell, Jesse Tyler Fergus, Alden Ehrenreich, and the late great Ray Liotta.

To top it all off, the fact that Cocaine Bear is actually based on a true story only adds to the surprising effect of the film.

Given its success, it seemed inevitable that a sequel would eventually be greenlit. While no official news has yet been announced regarding Cocaine Bear 2, the film’s director Elizabeth Banks has stated that she would love to make a sequel.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Banks said:

I loved how subversive, crazy, silly and funny it was. I loved surprising people with the cast. I don’t think anybody was expecting Margo Martindale, who’s 70 years old, to shoot that kid. We had a lot [of] fun, and if I got the opportunity to surprise the audience and delight myself again, I would take it.

Cocaine Bear tells the true story of a 500-pound black bear who, after ingesting a significant amount of cocaine abandoned in the woods, goes on a drug-fueled rampage in the forests of Georgia. The film is based on an incident in 1985 when a black bear was found deceased in the woods after a cocaine overdose.


Cocaine Bear is currently available to stream on Peacock.