10 Things the Movies Always Get Wrong

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There’s no question that movies tend to dramatize certain events. However, there are some things the movie takes so far as to be unreal.

Check out these moments that the movies never get right.

Ordering Beers

Another Round
Image Credit: N.G.

Going to the bar is common in most movies. It’s a place where the cast of characters meet, or a big brawl occurs. Whenever a character enters a bar, they always just tend to order a beer. Not a particular type of beer. Just a beer.

And the bartender never asks them what type of beer they want. They just go to the back and pull out ‘Generic Beer.’ Product placement and copyright issues aside, ordering beers is hardly ever done right in the movies.

Flashlight Technology

The Forest
Image Credit: Gramercy Pictures

Why is it that when the police are checking around, or some teens are sneaking around a haunted house, they’re always using the worst flashlights in the world? Modern flashlights are bright, have wide beams, and likely expose more than what the director wants you to see at that moment.

Flashlights are never done correctly in the movies.

Keeping the Lights Off

Image Credit: FilmDistrict

It’s common practice for people investigating a house not to turn on the lights. Don’t you think it would help you spot some clues or evidence? Thrillers are especially guilty of this.

It’s a lot harder for someone to sneak up on you if the lights are on in the house. This goes double for cops and investigators who don’t turn the lights on when looking for evidence or a criminal.

Car Explosions

Fate of the Furious
Image Credit: Universal Pictures

If you’ve seen any of Michael Bay’s movies, then you may be like me and have a slight fear of driving. According to his movies, if you even tap your car the wrong way, it will explode into an inferno.

The truth is that cars are a bit more difficult to explode like that. Years’ worth of safety features have ensured that car explosions occur at a minimum in everyday life.

Chess Games

The Queens Gambit
Image Credit: Netflix, Inc.

During most chess games, the lead-up to the checkmate is usually incorrect. There are a few shows, like The Queen’s Gambit (2020), where chess is a bit more accurate.

Experts at the game will usually forfeit before their opponent calls a checkmate. It’s a game of skill and strategy. When someone knows they’re losing, then there’s no reason to stretch it out.

But forfeiting is a lot more boring to watch than someone smugly saying, “Checkmate!”

Classroom Bells

The Theory of Everything
Image Credit: Sena Çelebi

Anyone who has gone to school or college knows that when the class bell rings, it doesn’t mean you’re out of there. In the movies, it’s common for students to rush out of a room as soon as the bell rings.

That ain’t happening in real life. College professors, in particular, will often end class far before or even after the bell rings. You don’t get to leave until they say you can leave.

News Stories

Image Credit: Touchstone Pictures

During a crime movie or when some big event is happening, there’s usually a shot of someone watching the news. It’s meant to bring in some exposition to the audience. But the way that the movies handle the news is pretty convenient and not at all realistic.

For one, the character always manages to turn the news on precisely when the reporter is talking about something they need to hear. No commercials. Just right to the heart of the story.

Secondly, when a character tells another character to check out the news, usually over the phone, that character just automatically knows what news station to turn to.

It’s as if there’s only one news station that exists in that world.

Head Trauma

Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

If someone is bleeding from the head, then it’s not a good thing. That person needs to go to the hospital. In the movies, the characters tend to just wrap it with a bandage or cloth and call it good.

That person probably has some mild brain damage at best, but the plot must go on!

Birth Scenes

Nine Months
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

There’s a lot wrong with birth scenes and labor in the movies. You can always count on a woman’s water breaking just before going into labor. Not every woman breaks her water.

The baby also always comes quickly when labor might actually end up taking a few, torturous days.

Due to filming laws about babies, they can also only have a baby of a certain age on set. So, all the babies you see are typically huge.

Poor mothers.

Needle Injections

Beautiful Boy
Image Credit: Amazon Studios

Whether someone is receiving a fix or treating themselves medically, needle injections are rarely done right. They’re not always in the correct place, and there’s usually very little prep before and after.

Contamination is the least of their worries.

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